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Inside Out                                                                           Comp. Michael Giacchino


Super 8
(Paramount/Steven Spielber,prod., J.J. Abrams dir.)    Comp. Michael Giacchino

Cars 2
(Pixar. John Lasseter, dir.)                                                Comp. Michael Giacchino   

2009 Academy Awards                                                      Music Dir. Michael Giacchino

Land of the Lost Universal Pictures                                Comp. Michael Giacchino

Movies Rock CBS TV Special                                          Don Mischer, Producer

Ratatouille Video Game Disney                                       Comp. Michael Giacchino

Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty Video Game                  Comp. Michael Giacchino

Medal of Honor-Airborne -Video Game                         Comp. Michael Giacchino

Mission Impossible 3 - Paramount                                  Comp. Michael Giacchino

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Opening production number

Sky High - Disney feature film                                       Comp. Michael Giacchino

Mercenaries Video Game                                                Comp. Graeme Revell

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Video Game      Comp. Jeremy Soule

Kronk’s New Groove Animation/Disney                       Comp. Mark Watters

Springtime With Roo Animation/Disney                       Comp. Mark Watters

Disney on Ice - Finding Nemo -Live show                     Various

26 - Animated Dinotopia feature                                    Comp. Mark Watters

Company - Feature film (Robert Altman)                     Comp. Van Dyke Parks

Secret Weapons Over Normandy - EA Video Game    Comp. Michael Giacchino

Call of Duty - Video Game                                             Comp. Michael Giacchino

Ociee Nash - Feature film                                               Comp. Van Dyke Parks

Harry Potterand the Chamber of Secrets EA Video Game     Comp. Jeremy Soule
(winner 2004 BAFTA Award best score-interactive)

Anne Frank - ABC Miniseries                                       Comp. Graeme Revell

Medal of Honor - Video Game                                      Comp. Michael Giacchino

The Climb - Worldwide Pictures feature                      Comp. Tim Hosman

The Elian Gonzalez Story-CBS-TV Movie                   Comp. Star Parodi

Tom Sawyer-MGM Animated Feature                          Comp. Mark Watters

A Kid in King Arthur’s Court-Disney Feature             Comp. J.A.C. Redford

Power Rangers-20th Century Fox feature film             Comp. Graeme Revell

Streetfighter-Universal feature Film                              Comp. Graeme Revell

Army of Darkness -Feature Film                                   Comp. Joe LoDuca


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