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As Night Falls


Intensely romantic arrangements of pop and jazz standards as well as original compositions. The piano takes the lead with the supprt of rhythm section and string section on several of the cuts.

Christmas Collection

Piano solo treatments of favorite Christmas classics.


A Whisper, A Sigh, A Dream


Wind and Shadows

The debut album for songwriting duo, Mark Gasbarro and Margie Russomanno captures your imagination and takes it for a ride!  Mark's lush, orchestral style and Margie's Dream Pop sensibilities create sophisticated, gorgeous music with a cinematic feel! 


All I Need


An emotional, atmospheric collection of original songs that cross musical boundaries to include flavors of pop, world, celtic and country, done in the lushly orchestrated, colorful style of producer Mark Gasbarro.



Serenade is an instrumental collection of beautifully arranged and performed songs of love and inspiration. Some are contemporary hits, some are very well-known and much-loved pieces from the classical literature, and some are traditional hymn and folk melodies arranged and re-invented as soaring new creations. The featured instruments are violin and piano, with the support of a string section on many of the songs. The overall moods of the CD are inspiring, soaring, hopeful and serene.
Beautiful arrangements, fantastic playing and great pieces of music make for a powerful, uplifting and rewarding listening experience.

Kaosz Theory


The cutting edge of alternative music, riding on a  foundation of Jazz, World, Urban and Fusion with a seemingly endless musical vocabulary that is purely improvisation. 

A potent alchemy of music that could only come from - KAOSZ THEORY.  

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